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Creating Texture in Still Life with Carlo Russo, July 22-26


Credits: 1.0 per session
Time: Monday-Friday, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Length: 5 Days
Location: 888 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ


Thumbnail image: Carlo Russo, Bandits

  • Terms & Conditions

    Minimum enrollment requirement for all studio workshops is 5. Students will be notified if this number is not reached 60 days before the first day of class. At that time, they will be given the choice of either enrolling in another workshop, availability permitting, or having their payment refunded. Students may continue to apply to workshops even after the deadline and through the first day of the course.

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  • Course Description

    This 5 day workshop will focus on still life; specifically as a vehicle for painting various textures such as, glass, fur, metal, foods,  etc. The instructor will demonstrate each step of his process, from set up ,to drawing and finally painting along with methods to create the rich variety of surfaces found in still life painting with a variety of brushes and techniques. Each day will start with a demonstration in the morning. Students will receive help and critique throughout the class.

  • About the Instructor

    Carlo graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2004 where he focused his studies in the  methods and practices of traditional realism.  Since his graduation, he has been a full-time artist and has exhibited his works in numerous galleries across the United States. While known primarily for his mastery in still life painting, he is accomplished in figurative and landscape painting as well. Carlo works in the natural northern light that fills his studio. He is intent on creating beautiful works which capture the myriad textures, colors and forms we find all around us. 

  • Includes

    30 hours full instruction by individual critique with a break for lunch 1-2pm.


    Teaching hours are all with the model.


    Beginning – Intermediate – Advanced welcome


    Maximum enrollment 14 students


    Studio access 9:00am-6:00pm


    Housing Assistance

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